Sharing vision - Bringing Empowerment

Who are we?

Date: 12/09/2018


Action to the Community Development Center (ACDC) is a Vietnamese non-governmental organization working to support persons with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups in the Vietnam.

The center has legal status under the Southeast Asia Scientific Research Association in Vietnam. On 27 December 2011, the Hanoi Department of Science and Technology formally issued the permission for ACDC in Decision 857/QD-TWH.

ACDC’s intention is that by 2025 ACDC it will become a leading organization in Vietnam on policy advocacy for persons with disabilities and lead an organizational network for persons with disabilities (DPOs).


Our vision to 2025 

ACDC will become a pioneer organization creating a better living environment for persons with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups.

Our mission

ACDC is committed to contributing to the inclusion of persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups through support activities designed to ensure the rights of persons with disabilities through the implementation of innovative service delivery models.

Our core values

ACDC will undertake the mission based on its achievements, people and professional approach reflected in ACDC’s organizational values below developed over the first 5 years .

  • For Persons with disabilities: ACDC is an organization of and for persons with disabilities, which is indicated through priorities such as: the rights  the capabilities of persons with disabilities, providing equal opportunities for person with disabilities, and equitable participation of persons with disabilities in economic, cultural, political, and social  activities.
  • Being  committed: ACDC is committed to pursuing the mission of inclusion and equality for persons with disabilities and other disadvantaged groups in the community.
  • Sustainable impacts: We expect that the models or activities provided by ACDC for the community will result in useful and sustainable impacts for persons with disabilities in particular and society in general.
  • Advocate for the rights of persons with disabilities: The policies and activities of ACDC are to advocate for  positive changes, influence others and for persons with disabilities to be recognized by others.
  • Professionalism: ACDC is committed to delivering services in a professional and consistent manner.
  • A trusted organization for persons with disabilities: Provide high quality services to person with disabilities and DPOs who support persons with disabilities to become a trusted and well-loved organization in Vietnam.