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Independent report on the implementation of the UN convention on the rights of persons with disabilities in Viet Nam

Category: Research | Date: 21/05/2021 | Download

The VFD's Independent Monitoring Report on the Implementation of UNCRPD (hereinafter referred to as the Independent Report) addresses ten (10) major priority issues resulting in 66 recommendations  for changes by the Vietnamese Government that VFD and its member organizations expect to see in the coming years to ensure the necessary conditions for the inclusion and equality of persons with disabilities in Viet Nam. The Report presents 10 priority issues and is linked into groups of rights defined in the UNCRPD, including

1) General policies and independent living policies;

2) Situations of stigma and discrimination against persons with disabilities;

3) Communication on awareness of disability-related issues;

4) Access to transportation, to the physical environment, to justice and to information and communication;

5) Education and Training;

6) Health;

7) Vocational training and employment;

8) Disaster risk reduction;

9) Women with disabilities and rights of children with disabilities;

10) Roles of OPDs in monitoring and implementation of policies involving rights of persons with disabilities.