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Advocate for universal coverage of assistive devices by state health insurance

Date: 07/11/2018

Donor: The ICRC – Special Fund for the Disabled

Time: 2014-2018


  1. Persons with disabilities in Vietnam regardless the type and level of their disabilities are provided with Health Insurance Card free of charge by the State
  2. Assistive devices, including mobility aids, for PWDs are in the list of items covered by the State Health Insurance
  3. Legal documents on those two mentioned objectives are issued by the relevant government agencies
  4. Communication with targeted groups (as described in chapter IV) are enhanced through the regular publication of  article related to assistive devices in the Newsletter of ACDC


  1. Relevant government agencies, particularly decision makers, so as to convince them of the necessity that assistive devices for PWDs are covered by State health insurance
  2. PWDs so as to make them aware of their right to receive assistive devices they need, including mobility aids, free of charge and willing to fight for it
  3. NGOs, INGOs, Red Cross movement, donors, diplomats, private sector and, other entities involved in disability issues so as to convince them to disseminate the idea of Universal Coverage and support activities of this cooperative group