Sharing vision - Bringing Empowerment

Raising voices, creating opportunities Project

Date: 03/11/2018

Project area:

Quang Tri, Quang Nam and Thua Thien Hue province


US Agency for International Development - USAID

Implementation agency:

Action to the Community Development Center (ACDC)

Main partner: MOH, MOT; Provincial people committee and related department, Provincial DPO.



PWD’s member and local authority

Provincial DPO

Duration:  9/2018 to 8/2021

Project description:

The activities of the project are designed to address the specific expected outcomes corresponding to the three main components of the project:

Expected results 1: Policies related to people with disabilities are developed, considered reasonable adjustment

Main activities including:

Review and study to document and propose the development of strategies and criteria for universal design in transportation; Documentation of the Activity of Daily Living Laboratory (ADL lab) - Transitional activities after Rehabilitation for Persons with Disabilities (activity implement in component 2)

Activities under this component will use results from the remaining components and support the implementation of components 2 and 3.

Expected Results 2: The enforcement capacity of implementing agencies for people with disabilities is enhanced

Participants and beneficiaries will include the Department of Construction (DOC), Department of Transportation (DOT), Department of Health (DOH), Provincial Committee on Disabilities (PCD) and Disable Person Organization (DPO).

Main activities including:

Conduct training courses on accessibility standards in construction and transportation for PWD. Dialogues on the status of implementation and issues on  accessibility, health care for PWD; Capacity building for health workers on disability inclusion, social work; Providing annual reproductive health examinations for persons with disabilities and family members. Pilot ADL model. Organize training of trainers on GBV. Support for roll out GBV training for people with disabilities in the area. Capacity building on monitoring and evaluation for DPO and PCD

Activities under this component will contribute to component 1 and ensure that Component 3 activities are implemented in a comprehensive manner.

Expected Results 3: Implementation of policies for people with disabilities is promoted

The activities in this component aim to 2021, people with disabilities and the community will be aware of disability issues and have the capacity to monitor and supervise the implementation of activities related to the implementation of policy, laws, and conventions.

Main activities including: 

Support PCD and DPO on monitoring the implementation of policies, laws and conventions; Share experiences and lessons learned in implementation and monitoring; Improve capacity and provide necessary knowledge for people with disabilities; 

Activities under this component will be implemented at both the district and provincial levels and at the central level, ensuring consistency as well as succession. At the same time, there will also be linkage and contribution to activities in other components