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Quang Nam: Training skills supporting persons with disabilities in traffic

  • Perform: Kim Nguyen (Translator: Hang Van)
  • 22/04/2023
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On April 21, 2023, ACDC in collaboration with the Project Management Board "Raising Voices, Creating Opportunities-II" project in Quang Nam province and Quang Nam Department of Transport to organize training course "Skills to support persons with disabilities in traffic" for managers, drivers and driver assistants of public passenger transport businesses in Quang Nam province. The training course attracted more than 45 participants from business and passenger transport units such as: QNABUS Quang Nam Transport Trading Service One Member Co., Ltd, Mai Linh Co., Ltd., Sun Taxi Company, Duy Xuyen District General Business and Transport Service Cooperative, Bao Chau Truong Xuan Private Enterprise, Tam Ky transport Cooperative…

The purpose of the training course is to increase the understanding of disability issues, disability inclusion and skills to support persons with disabilities to join public transport for drivers, driver assistants and managers of bus, taxi and public passenger transport businesses.

Present at the training course, Mr. Le Van Tri, Head of Transport Management Department, Vehicles and Drivers, Quang Nam Department of Transport said: “Accessibility for persons with disabilities in the transport sector has always been concerned and concretized by the Department of Transport through its program and activities, specific plans such as mastering the team of drivers and service staff in carrying out their responsibilities to guide persons with disabilities; encourage transport business units to develop plans and roadmaps for the investment in means and equipment to serve persons with disabilities in traffic; promulgate the plan to organize the selection of units to operate bus routes in Quang Nam province (priority will be given to units with facilities to ensure equipment to support persons with disabilities …).”

Also at the training course, participants were guided and shared basic contents related to persons with disabilities such as: Approach to disability according to social model and rights-based model; communication, interaction and support skills for persons with disabilities; a number of current policies related to transportation accessibility for persons with disabilities; a number of contents related to the implementation of accessible traffic in Quang Nam province; planning to promote accessibility for persons with disabilities…

Some positive feedback at the training course:

“Thanks to today's training course, I know more skills when communicating with persons with disabilities, especially what words should and should not be said to them. In the future, if I meet a customer who is a person with a disability, I will definitely apply the knowledge learned today.” – Mr. T.C.V, taxi driver Mai Linh s hared.

Next, Mr. N.V.P, operator of Mai Linh taxi company expressed his delight: “The training course is extremly useful for our business, after this training course, our driver team will definitely apply the knowledge, skills learned to assist in dealing with customers with disabilities.”

Mr. L.V.H, executive officer of QNABUS Quang Nam Transport Trading Service Company Limited said: “The training course is very practical for the team of drivers and driver assistants of our company, on behalf of the company, I would like to thank the Project Management Board for organizing the training, looking forward to ACDC becoming stronger to continue organizing useful activities like this for many other localities."

This is an activity within the framework of the project "Raising Voices, Creating opportunities-II" in Quang Nam province, funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through the ACDC./.


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