Sharing vision - Bringing Empowerment

Empowering women and girls with disabilities in Thai Binh province

Date: 02/11/2018


The project will focus on two major components with key objectives as below:

  • Objective 1: To increase the awareness of targeted WGWDs on raising their voices to protect their rights.
  • Objective 2: To improve local infrastructures to protect WGWDs in public areas from possible violence attitudes. 

    Expected outputs:

    The immediate expected results of this proposed project are to obtain the positive changes in the awareness of the community in general and WGWDs in particular on the issue of gender equality as well as the capacity of WGWDs increased. WGWDs in targeted area will be empowered through the knowledge and skills on living and preventing violence against them ensuring the gender equality as a whole. In addition, the local infrastructures as lighting system are installed in needed areas to ensure the safety for WGWDs. The details are as follow:

  • 60 targeted women and girls with disabilities are aware of knowledge and life skills on preventing violence/ gender equity to protect themselves from violence in 02 selected districts (30 per each district)
  • 02 pilot local infrastructures are improved to ensure the safety for WGWDs in 02 selected districts.
  • 4 meetings of women and girls with disabilities in each districts with difference topic related about women and girl with disabilities.